05-15 Tacoma Magnuson MP90 Supercharger System


2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma Magnuson MP90 Supercharger System

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The Magnuson MP90 Supercharger system for 05-15 1GR-FE 4.0L V6 equipped 2005-2015 Tacoma force-feeds the V6 with 5-6psi of boost for a total output of 305hp and 335lb-ft at the crank. This roots type blower gives the Tacoma instantaneous response and torque on demand across the rev-band with none of the lag of a turbo. Furthermore, the bypass valve system virtually eliminates parasitic loss when cruising, preserving your MPG. Stomp that pedal, though, and you’re greeted with a tsunami of pin-you-to-your-seat torque.

The MP90 boasts great under-hood appeal thanks to fit and finish on par with factory equipment. Engineered to keep heat soak at bay, this system features a large integrated liquid to air intercooler chilled by a front mounted heat exchanger, fed by an electric water pump. The robust cooling system ensures consistent performance from startup to shutdown, whether that’s a day on the jobsite or a day at Moab.

  • 305hp & 335lbs-ft at the crank in standard form on an unmodified truck
  • Calibration included for standard kit (via-OBDII flash device included)
  • Roots SC offers Instant Torque On Demand with NO TURBO LAG
  • Engineered for Reliability & Consistent Performance You Can Depend On
  • NO SMOG HEADACHES! 50 State Legal with CARB EO# D-488-40
  • Direct Bolt On system can be installed in a day by a pro, also revertible to stock
  • Straightforward Install allows for fitting system in a weekend by an enthusiast
  • Daily driver friendly: Quiet cruising, stock-like MPG with predictable, linear power

Engineered to offer Toyota-level reliability, this system’s all in one design integrates the intake manifold, supercharger, and intercooler eliminates potential leak points. Designed to be maintenance free, the blower comes pre-filled and sealed, so there is nothing to change or fill.

A calibration with handheld installer is included. Our engineers have tailored this calibration for excellent below the curve power and torque you can use in the real world, as well as peak power. Installing this 50-state legal direct-bolt on is straightforward – a pro can do it in about a day, an enthusiast can in a weekend. Easily reverts to stock if needed.

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